Here's a look at the Packers' schedule for the upcoming season,Giovani Bernard Jersey per Cardinals Jerseys Green Bay and the rest of its NFC North brethren got the luck of the draw by facing off with the AFC South this year. The Indianapolis Colts should be better with a healthy Andrew Luck,Denver Broncos Jersey though last year highlighted other flaws in the team. Spending money doesn't guarantee the Jacksonville Jaguars will turn things around to a demonstrable degree in 2016.Cowboys Store The Houston Texans are gambling that Brock Osweiler can be an above-average starting quarterback in the NFL. And the Tennessee Titans remain a major work in progress.Giants Store Despite improvement from some teams in the division, the Packers should go unbeaten against the AFC South this year.Packers Store If that happens, it would leave Green Bay with a relatively comfortable margin for error on the rest of the schedule.Panthers Store The Packers have road matchups with the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins that could be difficult,Patriots Store while they also drew the Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants at home. There's no question Green Bay will have some hurdles ahead in 2016.Dion Lewis Jersey All things considered, however,12th Fan Jersey the team should be in a good position to make the playoffs for the eighth straight season.